Monday, June 6, 2011

Evening crusing

Micke with family and me with my doughters did take a late crusing tour yesterday in the nice weather.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Esso museum

First pit stop outside Fredriks place.
Second pit stop outside the bank in Träslövsläge.

Finaly did we end up at Christers Esso museum.
We did take alot of pictures this afternoon.
Linus low -58.
Linus himself.

Kenneths very nice -63 ragtop. Kenneth just sit and relax.

My -59.
My new SVEA skateboard on the back on my new restored luggage rack.
Fumagalli wheels on my -59.
Karls clean -66.
Karl just have one thing that is not so good, he livs in Borås ;)

Wide Five stickers

I got some new Wide Five sticker i stock again. I want 20kr or 2 euro each.

I also got some stickers to put on the roof rack och luggage holder. The sticker show how much the rack are alowed to store. I want 40kr each or 4 euro for this stickers.

Smedjan i Kärra

Me, my doughter Clara and the 2 newest members in Wide Five kenneth and Karl was at Kärradal just outside Varberg for a cruise yesterday. This place Smedjan is a very nice café that they restored from an old blacksmith house.


This thursday was it over 230 cars at the meeting in Tvååker.

Bengt was with us this time with his very nice -55.

This -55 ha a BT tuned
engine. It runs verys nice.
Petri steering wheel :)
Most of us meet up at the fortress of Varberg.

In Tvååker the guys from Falkenberg meet up with us.
Helmut Type 2 does now has its owner in Falkenberg.
Thune and Mats nice stratos silver -55.
Jocke, Fredrik, Stefan and Bengt are in a deep disscusion.
After the meeting did we drive back to Varberg to have look at my fathers new yacht. he said that this time will he just buy a simple boat :)

Tvååker _110519

Me and Micke at Tvååker.